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Hanna Marie
23 June 2005 @ 07:23 pm
I smell like a glow stick...

I am tired. I worked today.

The End.

I'll be out of summer school by tomorrow.

Lemme get a woop woop.
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Hanna Marie
Time for a re-cap...

Friday: Amanda's Rave. It was pretty fun. It was kinda meh... until someone broke open a lightstick. And let the fun times begin. Do you know that stuff stings your skin though? Oww. And numbs your tongue... Drug free rave... not the best. But, it was still pretty f-u-n fun.

Pictures posted later.

Saturday: My last day as a cashier.

Sunday: Father's Day. I got my daddy "ACDC's Family Jewels: Video Collection." I do beleive that it is one of the only gifts he has ever truly liked. His face lit up with joy, it was odd, but it made me uber happy. Then, he left. And I lazed around the home the rest of the day.

Monday: Ah. Summer school. I slept, whoops. Also, first day as a worker of Pizza Hut Express. If you buy food at Target, I make your food now, HA HA HA!!! Be scared!

Tuesday: Summer school. Got 7 lessons done, felt like I did something. 15 to go. Second day as Pizza Hut Express worker. I GOT TO MAKE PIZZA!!!! And it was so damn good. Orgasmic good. Have you ever had pizza straight outta the pizza oven. Mmm-skies. So so so so sooooo yum.

Tuesday, meaning today. Now, I must go to bed, because of the summer school in the morning.

By the way... classic movie nostalgia because I watched AFI's 100 best movie quotes.

"I ate his liver with some fatha (?) beans and a nice Kiante." -Silence of the Lambs
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Hanna Marie
15 June 2005 @ 02:49 pm

Part Freaky Kisser

When you kiss, you want to experience something new
A new technique, a new partner, a new piercing...
And your own personal kissing style is very unpredictable
There's no saying where your tongue or hands will go

Part Playful Kisser

Kissing is a huge game for you, a way to flirt and play
You're the first one to suggest playing spin the bottle at a party
Or you'll go for the wild kiss during a game of truth or dare
And you're up for kissing any sexy stranger if the mood is right!

Heh heh. Fun.

Today was bleh.

I had a mocha frappucino from Starbucks this morning. It was good. I love my coffee.

I wish I could work there... Matt, you=lucky.

It was of course... summer school 8-12. I have 34 lessons. Out of 49. Maybe I'll finish early. That would kick ass.

Then I went to Plato's closet. Found the most amazing green cords... didn't get them because I shouldn't spend my money. I get paid Friday though. And it'll be a big ass check... like 400 bucks. Hell yes. I've been waitin' for this one. Bought Faithy a white tube top. 6.36, she's payin me back.

That's been my day, I have to go to work in an hour. :(
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Hanna Marie
14 June 2005 @ 11:29 pm
Bleh. Summer school.

4 hours in a silent classroom every day with about 30 others.


How do I get myself into these things...

On a brighter note... I am no longer a cashier at Target. I will now be working at Pizza Hut. Mmm... I can feel the grease burns.

I'm definetely in a pesimistic mood tonight.

It is more pay, that is the only good part.

Cashiering is scanning items and asking for red cards. Pizza Hut is making food, cleaning tables, taking orders, going crazy, and probably being forced to clean up the occasional vomit. Eww. And bleh.

But, yay. More money and hours. And hours are money.

I'm gonna go, because I unfortunately have to get up at 6:30 and go to school in the morning.

Only 2 weeks and 3 days left.

Woo... hoo...

Night all.
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Hanna Marie
09 June 2005 @ 05:13 am
As Mr. Curtis' sign near the photo flo said... "Good job, yo!" I miss Mr. Curtis so much. He was one of the greatest teachers that I have ever had. By far, the funnest. Sniff, I miss him and don't have photo 2 next year. :( sadness.

Anyway. Sorrow moment aside.

Like my pretty new icon? I was getting tired of flipping myself off. So, I decided to play peek-a-boo, plus tongue.

The one good thing Casey ever gave me was the amazing shitty camera that I take all my pretty pictures with. It may not be easy to turn on (one thing him and his camera don't have in common...) but it takes pictures quickly. :D I like that about it.

Go old school cheesy smile faces!!!
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