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Do what you L O V E.

Fuck everything else.

Hanna Marie
5 July 1988
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I've been wrapped up this many times...

You know you wanna hug me.

Get hugs of your own


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That's my kitty Sabrina.
Isn't she teh cutest?

Im me at pokaspot88 because you know you love me.

I am 18 years old! Yay-hoo! I graduated duPont Manual High School and now I am going to be a freshman at Western Kentucky University. I drive a kick ass silver Taurus and I work at Target (for only a short time longer!). On le weekends I'll probably be at a local show or somewhere with my friends. In the future I wish to be a journalist/photographer/fashion designer. Now I need to find something that involves ALL of those. If you desire to know more about me... just IM me.

That is all. Tah tah now loves.

1989, a grey funeral, akeldama, alcohol, anas dancing, baby bottle pops, backseats, bardstown roading, being held, being random, being silly, being with friends, blink 182, blowing bubbles, boys, butts, cameras, candy, carebears, carmex, cell phones, chucks, coffee, concerts, couches, cuddling, dancing, dancing to ringtones, dane cook, double laced shoes, driving, everytime i die, f.r.i.e.n.d.s., fast cars, fishnets, flavored lip gloss, flicking, fossil watches, freshman boys, friends, fuck, funny ts, going to shows, goofing off, grey eyes, guys, hair spray, happy pill, hating white castle, having fun, hearts, homestar runner, hot kinky monkey love, hugging, hugs, ice cream, infinity times 12, inside jokes, j-mall, jeeps, jtown, kisses, kissing, kittens, kladaugh rings, late nights, laughing, lips, living life, local shows, localness, lots of bands, love, making out, making things explode, messing around, mikes, monkey socks, monkeys, moshing, mountain climbing, movies, music, mustangs, my tree, nail polish, nightmare before christmas, parks, parties, photographing, photography, piercings, pina coladas, pink pills, pixie dust, playing with condoms, pondering, pool, pool moshing, potatoes, rain, randomosity, rhyming things, rings, roller coasters, running around, sacred sorrow, sad muffin, sarcasm, seat covers, sex, sharing gum, shiny things, showers, singing, sprinklers, staking balloons, staplers, starbucks, starry nights, taking pictures, talking like yoda, tangerine fights, tennis, the camera drug, the mall, tie belts, trampolines, travis barker idncabjntb, victorias secret, video cameras, water, water balloon fights, watery oranges, writing, yelling at traffic lights,